Jada earns $7 per hour mowing her neighbors’ lawns. Andre gets paid $5 per hour for the first hour of babysitting and $8 per hour for any additional hour he babysits. What is the number of hours they both can work so that they get paid the same amount?

Accepted Solution

Answer:3 hoursStep-by-step explanation:Letx ----> the number of hoursy ----> the amount earned in dollarswe know thatJada[tex]y=7x[/tex] ----> equation AAndre[tex]y=5+(x-1)8[/tex] ----> equation Bequate equation A and equation B[tex]7x=5+(x-1)8[/tex]solve for x[tex]7x=5+8x-8\\8x-7x=3\\x=3\ h[/tex]VerifyFor x=3 hoursJada[tex]y=7x[/tex] ----> [tex]y=7(3)=\$21[/tex]Andre[tex]y=5+(x-1)8[/tex]  ----> [tex]y=5+(3-1)8=\$21[/tex]