The interval​ time, I, in​ minutes, between appointments is related to total number of minutes T that a doctor spends with patients in a​ day, and the number of appointments​ N, by the​ formula: Iequals=1.08 ​(T/N).If a doctor wants an interval time of 1616 minutes and wants to see 2121 appointments per​ day, how many hours a day should the doctor be prepared to spend with​ patients?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Approximately 5.19 hours.Step-by-step explanation:The question is asking that you solve for T (the amount of time spent with patients in a day). To do so, simply input the values which it has given you for your variables. We can substitute 16 for I as that is the doctor's preferred interval time and we can substitute 21 for N as that is the amount of appointments the doctors wishes to have per day.[tex]16=1.08(\frac{T}{21} )[/tex]To solve, start by multiplying both sides by 21.[tex]336=1.08T[/tex]Next, divide both sides by 1.08.[tex]311.11=T[/tex]Your answer comes out to 311.11 minutes. The question is asking for this to be translated into hours per day, which equates to approximately 5.19 hours.